Group Exercise Classes

Group Exercise Classes

MMA Conditioning
A high intensity, mixed martial arts (MMA) based conditioning class, which focuses primarily on the physical conditioning and striking applicable in MMA.  Students spend extensive time striking pads.  They will also learn basic clinch work, takedowns, and grappling via one-on-one drills and light sparring. Students are required to purchase boxing gloves, wraps, and shin guards or may bring their own.  Students will stretch to finish the class.  All skill levels are welcome.

5-Mile Runs
A group running class that is low to high intensity depending upon the fitness level of the participant.  Group runs may include numerous body weight exercises, dependent upon the students fitness level.  Upon completion of the run, students will stretch.  All skills levels are welcome.

Boot Camp
A high intensity, total body workout, which focuses primariliy on incraseing strength, endurance, and flexibility.  Students will primarily utilize body weight exercises and stretch during the final cool down.  A jump rope is required for this class.  All skill levels are welcome.

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Group Exercise Class Rates:
All group exercise classes are $20/class, pre-paid, with 4-week minimum contracts.  Drop-ins are $25.  All group exercise classes are held out at outdoors locations, year round, in Cleveland Park, Van Ness, or Tenleytown, Washington, DC.



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