Personal Training

Personal Training
Receive one-on-one instruction as one of our personal trainers helps you reach your health and fitness.  Your certified personal trainer will assess your current fitness level and design a sustainable plan based upon your abilities and goals.  Your first session is free!

Personal training is available in your home or office gym, outdoors, or at gyms in Cleveland Park or Van Ness, in Washington, DC.  Personal training packages are available in 4, 8, or 12-weeks.  The rate is determined by where you train.

Home, Office, and In-Gym Rates*:
1 session/week = $90/session
2 sessions/week = $85/session
3 sessions/week = $75/session
*Home or office must be within a 3 mile radius of 3400 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC, 20008.  A surcharge will be added for locations outside of this radius.

Outdoors Rates**:
1 session/week = $80/session
2 sessions/week = $75/session
3 sessions/week = $65/session
**These outdoors rates are valid only at trainer selected locations in the Cleveland Park/Van Ness/Tenleytown, Washington, DC, areas.

If you would like to train more than three times per week or purchase a package larger than 12-weeks, please contact us to arrange a special pricing package for you.  Discounts are given based on the number of times that you train per week, not package size.  Payment can be made in one lump sum or monthly, installment payments can be made at no extra charge.

FREE BONUS: Included with the purchase of every package of at least 12-weeks, you will receive the following items:

  • Initial assessment of diet, exercise, sleep, & stress levels
  • Goal setting & tracking
  • Weekly weigh-in
  • Monthly measurements, pictures, & assessment
  • Daily check-in with your trainer: self-report log for diet, exercise, sleep, & stress
  • Educational materials, articles, & more via email

Know someone who wants to train?  Their first session is free and if they purchase at least a 4-week package, you will receive free sessions based on the number of times per week that they train.  For example, if they purchase an 8-week package for 2 times/week, you will receive 2 free sessions.


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